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We specialize in gypsum-based underlayments like Gyp-Crete.

Gypsum-based underlayment like Gyp-Crete is the most popular option used in wood-framed commercial buildings, especially in multi-family structures due to its fire and sound control properties. Due to its unique benefits in both installation and performance, gypsum underlayment like Gyp-Crete is increasingly being used in all facets of commercial, multi-family, and residential construction. These products pair well with a wide range of floor coverings, and working with these products is considered a specialty trade. Gypsum underlayment like Gyp-crete must be installed by a licensed specialty contractor due to the unique equipment, knowledge, and skill required for installation.

Gyp-Crete in Greensboro, North Carolina

A specialty contractor is expected to have greater knowledge, education, experience, and expertise than a general contractor. In addition to having extensive knowledge about the products they install, they are tasked with understanding the safety implications, code requirements, and governmental regulations of these products. Since they are licensed to perform a specific task and they do it every day with many years of compounding experience, they become very efficient at costing, bidding, and performing the job.

When it comes to flooring underlayments, each type of underlayment or substrate—including gypsum underlayment like Gyp-Crete—presents the installer with a unique set of challenges and opportunities. The installer must develop an understanding and thorough knowledge of the specific characteristics of each product they work with.

4 benefits of Gyp-crete to Consider

If you are looking for a licensed installer who will go above and beyond your expectations to ensure the outcome of your project, turn to us. Contact us today at Quality Controlled Floor Systems LLC to get a quote for your project in Greensboro, North Carolina or elsewhere in our wide service area.

Gyp-Crete FAQs

Gyp-Crete is a type of underlayment that is popular for all kinds of building projects, and here at Quality Controlled Floor Systems LLC, we highly recommend it for most of the buildings we work on. We understand that many people have questions about Gyp-Crete and why we’re so quick to recommend it, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the more common questions about it here for our customers to explore. If you have additional questions about Gyp-Crete or are interested in having us install it at your next building, contact our team to learn more.

What is Gyp-Crete?

Gyp-Crete is a mixture of gypsum, sand, and other additives that create a pourable fluid when mixed with water. It is valued in construction for its lightness, sound- and fire-reducing qualities, and ability to even out rough or uneven subfloors.

How is Gyp-Crete different from regular cement?

The two biggest differences are that Gyp-Crete is much lighter than cement and is significantly better at reducing sound, making it ideal for multi-story buildings. It also has a faster drying time than traditional cement.

Are there limitations to what kind of flooring I can install over Gyp-Crete?

Gyp-Crete creates a smooth and level surface once it’s dry, making it compatible with virtually any flooring, including tile, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and carpet.


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