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Quality Controlled Floor Systems LLC

We have over 80 years of combined construction experience at Quality Controlled Floor Systems LLC, and we specialize in gypsum underlayment, sound control, floor leveling, waterproofing, and exterior elevated concrete. We work with commercial builders in the Greensboro, North Carolina area, as well as the Carolinas and Virginia, who want a quality result for their multi-family building projects, and we deliver every time.

Our focus is on customer service. We know how important it is to keep your project on schedule and provide an exceptional experience from beginning to end. We work hard to maintain a team of excellent managers and employees. This allows us to deliver the best products and services in our industry.



Our Services

Fire-Retardant Concrete

Fire-Retardant Concrete

The fire-retardant concrete we work with provides a crack-resistant surface that is an ideal base for most floor coverings.



The perfect base for most multi-family structures, we install gypcrete with precision and expertise.

Multi-Family Home Concrete Pouring

Multi-Family Home Concrete Pouring

We specialize in multi-family housing concrete pouring and partner with commercial builders who build multi-family buildings and hotels.


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Yessica Charqueno

Quality product delivered in a timely fashion. Owen and Erick are highly knowledgable in Gypcrete. Nobody else can do what they do!

Jay Richards

Quality Controlled Floor Systems LLC

Why Choose Us?



We use the best products plus our employees have the experience and skill to produce superior results on every project.



We are the best at providing and placing sound mat, gypsum cement, waterproofing, and elevated concrete.



We know your project’s schedule is crucial. We pride ourselves on having the fastest dates available for our customers and will hit our committed dates with a once-and-done install.

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We’re good at what we do, and it shows in the quality of our workmanship and the results we get. We highly recommend gypsum cement for multi-family and hotel buildings because it is engineered to deliver sound reduction, fire protection, and a quick, seamless install. It is an ideal topping to place over wood or concrete subfloors, preparing the building to receive its finished floor.

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about our gypsum cement solutions and to tell you more about our processes and options. Contact us today to speak with a member of our team.

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